I would like to introduce you Poland. Some would say that it lies in Eastern Europe, some would say that it lies in Middle or Middle-Eastern Europe.

Undoubtedly we have a couple of neighbours: Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (by Kaliningrad Oblast). That’s nice, isn’t it?

At the north we have Baltic Sea. On the south there are a mountains. The highest peak is called Rysy (2499 meters above sea level).

Poland is on 70th place among the biggest countries in the world. About 39 mln people is living here.

And I could write, and write, and I would never end this post. But it’s just a little introducing. It looks like a note in encyclopedia. Blah. I know you have an Internet and wikipedia.

So you don’t really want to read encyclopedia in here, don’t you? I know that.

And that’s why I invite you to read my next post which I’ll write soon. More details, more practical informations, better way of getting knowledge about this place.

Read you soon!


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Far, far away. Behind a couple of countries or maybe, from your perspective, behind a sea or somewhere behind a mountains lies a beautiful country called Poland.

It has its advantages & disadvantages. You can love it or hate it. It’s your choice.

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What I’d love to tell you is: how it’s in here?
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Who rules in this place?
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